Отзывы о Carvana | Читать отзывы о сервисе клиентов carvana.com

Отзывы о Carvana | Читать отзывы о сервисе клиентов

You ask for honesty and I am all about that. I despise purchasing used cars, yet refuse to purchase new. I usually purchase with cash and purchase much older vehicles. It keeps me from having to deal with car salesmen.
I dislike the back and forth, all the games and the feeling of being conned. My profession, I am the GM of a midsized 120 employee trucking company who holds many government contracts. I really don’t like to play games.
I happened upon your site actually through credit karma. I was bored and not actually looking for a vehicle yet I was curious as to where I would pre qualify at so I filled out the form.
They in turn directed me to your website. I had often wondered, seeing your buildings, what you were all about. So I, unprepared, began to browse your site.
The first thing I noticed was the very vast selection, then the attention to detail. So as with credit karma I, just to see, began your process.
Within minutes I had a vehicle, had the whole deal pretty much completed and then my unpreparedness came to surface. My bank info. I didn’t have it driving with me from my office in Fort Myers to my office in Orlando.
I know I only needed a password, but I have used thumb recognition for so long I couldn’t recall my password.
This is where you, Carvana, really stepped up to the plate for the first time. I received a message telling me that I had timed out yet your company would hold the vehicle for me for 24 hours.
I was impressed.
By the time I arrived in Orlando and settled into my room, I figured what the heck, if log back in and pick up where I left off.
Now knowing all that I would need, I was prepared to see what was next. For me it was just seeing when the deal became a mess, like most used car transactions always do.
So I actually found another vehicle and started from scratch. Same vehicle, same features, different color. Same base price. Again I really had no intention of purchasing a vehicle, I was just messing around and seeing what was really up with this online car purchasing.
I mean the cool building, the retro looking rollback delivery trucks. Why not, right. I just knew that it was going to go south at any minute. That this was going to turn out to be a bait and hook costly endeavor to those who stayed on. But getting to that point broke the routine of my day.
As I began the process it all seemed too easy. First the vehicle, all the info, pictures and even the dents, dings and imperfections are noted up front.
So then I said okay here it comes the after the fact extra warranty, the after the fact gap insurance the after the fact write ins to the contract.
So I continue filling it out and reading as I’m going. Now rest assured I am also checking this vehicle with every vehicle like it at every car lot in three cities in which I have offices.
In the end I had to wait overnight to be positively sure that all went well. My Jeep arrived 2 days later via your delivery truck. Where I test drove the vehicle, signed the paperwork and have decided after my 7 day trial period that I will definitely keep this vehicle.
I a man who despises purchasing preowned vehicles have found a home. No haggle no hassle no back and forth. Straight forward, informed, and very precise business deal.
You offer many opportunities for the buyer to back out of the deal. I pushed the cancel order button 3 times in two days. I’m glad you have a second step to make the buyer reconsider.
The warranty plan offered and gap insurance offered are explained in detail and so anyone should understand. But that’s only the half of it.
I couldn’t touch this vehicle with the extras in any lot in 3 towns. I’m still receiving inquiries from many of the dealers I contacted or even simply looked at their sites.
I never once felt pressured, or push, or conned, or being totally straight, lied to as I feel when dealing with used car salespeople.
Two thumbs up, five stars, nothing but praise for Carvana from me.

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